Learning Analytics

Personalize the learning experience in your virtual lab

goedle.io helps to improve learner's performance while reducing teacher's workload. Our algorithm reveal hidden insights for educational scenarios. If you want to learn more how goedle.io can help personalizing the user experience in your learning system, please enter your e-mail address below. We will make sure to reach out to you and keep you updated on goedle.io's solutions for educational scenarios.



We provide solutions for different stakeholders in the educational learning space.

Learning Analytics

Similar to analytics in e-commerce apps or games, Learning Analytics is a useful tool that allows deciphering the behavior that learners show during their engagement with the learning system. Insights gained from Learning Analytics have a strong impact on the learning process but also allow more informed decisions. Learn more »

Predict At-Risk Students

By identifying at-risk students early, one can prevent dropouts in various learning scenarios. Although predicting at-risk students has many similarities to churn prediction in games, we tailor our algorithms in such a way that they perfectly fit your setting. This includes features specific to education and the learner's performance. Learn more »

Dynamic Content Adaption

Content adaptation enables virtual labs to deliver content in a personalized manner matching the learner's individual preferences. Such sophisticated technologies have already been used in games, e.g., dynamic difficult adjustment. Here, machine learning is used to recognize patterns in a learner's path to a solution. Learn more »


Next Steps Towards Advanced Learning Analytics

We were delighted to host the third meeting of the ENVISAGE project in Cologne last week. The meeting took place in the facilities of the Solution Space where goedle.io currently has their headquarters. The meeting discussed the progress of the project and planned the next milestones on the way to developing an authoring tool that will allow teachers to dynamically adapt the content of virtual labs. Learn more »

Start your turbine engines — goedle.io now supports Unity and offers a Unity tracking SDK

After more than two years in the mobile and web space, it is about time to add support for Unity to our data acquisition environment. We have recently received an increasing number of requests for a Unity integration so that we believe, it is now the perfect time to support one of the industry-leading platforms for game development. Learn more »

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