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We analyze your Google Analytics data to predict your future traffic & conversions, and ultimately your sales volume and customer lifetime value.

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Forecasting future traffic & conversions

Forecasting traffic and conversions is a complex process that requires a sophisticated set of tools. With the help of machine learning, we are able to make predictions about your future traffic, conversions, and sales volumes. Whether you would like to have a reliable demand and supply, financial, or sales planning, we help your team to build a basis for your future success.

An example of's churn prediction.


Predicting the future for a better business performance

Our forecasting solution helps you to achieve the full potential of your Google Analytics data. We predict traffic, conversions, and sales volumes in order to improve the performance of your business.

Traffic Forecast

Knowing your current traffic is good, knowing your future traffic is even better. By analyzing your historical data, we are able to efficiently foresee future traffic and thus balance your costs and benefits. Predicting your traffic helps you to monitor your marketing campaigns and signals if the expectations of your customers are met or if the campaigns must be adjusted. Learn more »

Conversion Forecast

In contrast to the traffic forecast, you do not only see how many users will be reached by your campaign, but also if they convert into customers. You receive constant updates about your predicted future conversions rate in order to monitor if you meet your goals. In addition, you get meaningful insights into customer behavior and what triggers the conversions. Learn more »

Sales Forecast

Forecasting sales is still challenging for many companies due to several reasons including overestimation of the sales performance or changing customer behavior. Our solutions predict the maximal and minimal sales volume in addition to the assumed forecast which simplifies the demand planning, financial planning, and product performance analysis. Learn more »



Demand planning

An advanced forecast about your conversions and sales volumes can improve the efficiency of your supply and demand process. Our solution assists your team by making precise predictions for your future development.

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Product performance planning

The sales volume forecast predicts your future sales per product and determines if you achieve your desired outcome. These figures also support you with your supply and demand planning and your financial analysis.

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Financial planning

The financial forecast is used to make assumptions about your company’s performance during a certain time frame. It helps to plan the budgets for the future, to allocate the number of employees, or to determine the success of a particular product or service.

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Tailored customer experience with is not limited to the business level, but also provides predictions on a customer level. We apply predictive analytics to calculate your customer’s future behavior and grant you meaningful insights. Know what your customer wants and individualize the customer experience. For more information regarding the customer level analysis visit our page dedicated to solutions in eCommerce. These solutions include:

  • Purchase and customer lifetime value prediction
  • Discount system analysis
  • Shopping basket analysis
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*Adding Predictions to Your Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics provides great insights about your business. It helps marketers to find out who the typical visitors are, where they come from, or which pages are most appealing to average users. Those are interesting facts but all that data is historical. It only shows what has already happened in the past. Our Google Analytics Forecast Tool provides many different benefits and helps you to increase the value of your Google Analytics data. Learn more »

*Use Churn Prediction to Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Successful customer acquisition is a basic condition for market success. If you want to enter a business, you have to either know how to acquire your customers or find people that can do it for you. Either way, you have to spend money and have to keep spending if you want your business to be stable or even grow further. Learn more »

*Smart Selling with Predictive Lead Scoring

Who is most likely to buy products or services offered by your company? Knowing this, can make the entire marketing process much more efficient and therefore much more lucrative. This results in higher sales and bigger market success. But how can we know this important information in advance? Here, smart selling using predictive lead scoring based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes to help! Learn more »

*AI in Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is becoming a key instrument in developing and improving strategic decisions. Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Coca Cola are already investing a large amount of money in AI and different AI-supported applications. For example, Microsoft uses AI to provide sales insights and offers these insights as an add-on to their Dynamics 365 platform. Learn more »



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